Operation: Interception
Codename: Carrier Pigeon
December 31st, 2002
Paul Magnum (Sherri’s character) has been invited to a New Years Party thrown by Hollywood Producer Adrian McMillian, at his residence a few miles outside of Orlando Florida. While mingling with other guests, thugs working for WEB operative Heinrich Fleischer, a German art collector raid the home. All the guest are ushered inside the entry of the building while Adrian McMillian’s art room is being raided. A silver set dating back to 1798 is stolen from Mr. McMillians art room. The silver set contains a hidden message with a microdot providing Heinrich Fleischer’s next set of WEB orders. Once the thugs acquire the set they load it in a delivery van outside of the mansion.

Once the WEB operatives have the silver set they are looking for, they put on gas masks and throw gas grenades into the room where the guests are. Paul Magnum is standing outside of the gas radius when they are released. Pal attacks one of the thugs as the rest flee outside of the building. He forcibly takes away the mask and put it on, knocking the thug unconscious. Paul exists the building, draws his pistol and starts firing at the vehicles speeding away.

Paul leaps into his car and chases the fleeing vehicles down the winding hill towards the highway. While doing so, he rams two cars and immobilizes them. When he reaches the highway he is uncertain which direction the remaining two vehicles went, so he guesses and is correct.

Paul sees the vehicles pull onto a dirt side road and follows discreetly. The thugs arrive at an abandoned farmhouse and Paul maintains surveillance from the road. ORION agent Chessman and Black Rose are located on the edge of the grove and keeping the thugs and WEB operative under surveillance waiting for an opportunity to retrieve the silver set. Agent Emerald Dragon is assigned to keep Agent Chessmen under surveillance since Mercury suspects he may be a double agent.

The WEB operative removes the silver set from the van and places it in the truck of his sports car. The thugs then begin to leave, followed by the WEB agent. Agent Black Rose makes an attempt to fire upon the WEB operative but Chessmen shoots at her first. After an exchange of gunfire, Agent Black Rose is severely wounded in the left arm. Agent Emerald Dragon attacks Chessmen with her crossbow and misses, then approaches with her ninja-to and with a severe blow to his head, Chessman is killed.

Meanwhile, the WEB operatives and thugs escape to the highway and head back to Orlando Florida. Agent Emerald Dragon runs for her motorcycle to pursue them while Paul Magnum follows the trailing thug vehicle. Emerald Dragon’s motorcycle won’t start and it takes Agent Black Rose to fix it. The thugs lose Paul Magnum once they arrive in Orlando.

Agent Black Rose and Emerald Dragon decide to go back to the mansion and look for clues, Paul Magnum decides to do the same thing. While at the mansion, Paul Magnum runs into the ORION agents on the stairs. After making initial contact and getting Paul’s story about his involvement, Agent Emerald Dragon reviews the mansion surveillance footage and they determine he is telling the truth. All three individuals return to the ORION operatives hotel. Paul is told that Black Rose and Emerald Dragon work for an (unnamed) organization and that they are attempting to retrieve a silver set which holds valuable information for their agency. Arrangements are made for Paul Magnum to meet Mercury in New York City.

January 4th: Emerald Dragon and Black Rose bring Paul Magnum to meet Mercury in Central Park. Mercury explains the ORION/WEB organizations to him and he is invited to join ORION. Paul accepts and training at the Ace of Clubs is arranged for him.

January 10th, 2003
Mercury and Agent Emerald Dragon take Paul Magnum to the Ace of Clubs where he is introduced to his ORION Preliminary Training Officer. Paul’s testing goes well and it is determined that he only needs training in the Shadowing, and Interrogation skills. Arrangements are made for him to conduct the training the following week.

January 15th, 2003
Paul begins his ORION preliminary Training in the Shadowing and Interrogation skills. He spends 2 hours a day in Interrogation and 4 hours a day in Shadowing, completing the training in a total of four days.

January 19th, 2003
Paul Magnum completes his Preliminary ORION training.

Operation Meldown
January 25, 2003
Agent Emerald Dragon and Rock arrive separately at the Capricorn Bureau for their first assignment together. Section Director Edward Matheson and Operations Manager Sebastion Cord (Codename Mercury) meet and receive their briefing for Operation Meltdown.

Top Secret/S.I.